Organic Products

There are millions of products to chose from these days.  It is extremely important that as a consumer we are educated and aware.

  • When something says Organic, ask yourself “by who?” and check the packaging for a certification for an Certifying body.  You also want to know if it is certified to Food Grade standards or to cosmetic standards.  Remember that cosmetics have NO regulation on the terms “natural”, “organic”, “green” and whatever else they call it to sound good.  You want to be able to eat what you’re using, because it too will be absorbed into your body just like the food you eat. 
  • Always check your ingredients. At first this is tricky, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. 
If you have any questions about a particular brand, product, ingredient, company practices, don’t hesitate to ask me.  I am here to help you make the best possible choices. 

While I recognize there are many brands and products to chose from, after a multitude of research, and testing products from different brands, I personally prefer a particular brand of products.  For more information on that particular brand of certified organic personal care and supplemental food products that I have choose for the majority of my family’s needs, because of their certification standards, quality, value, safety, efficacy, environmental responsibility, ethical and educational marketing- and for whom I now also do representative work –  check out the short videos below and feel free to
 contact me with any questions or click here for further details.


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