About Lacey

Hi, my name is Lacey Evans.   This is my journey to organic living.  I would like to tell you a bit about myself and why I started my website.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  Growing up I lived in the Santa Monica Mountains and was very lucky to be able to spend time outdoors in the clean air and emerse myself in nature.  In college I was drawn to the environment and studied environmental science.  I learned quite a lot about the environment, eco systems, geology, climate change and the like, but I didn’t learn anything about making a difference or helping to change.

I began to dig deeper and educated myself through the internet, movies, organizations and such.  I thought I was doing everything i could in regards to saving the environment.
I was very wrong.

As I started learning about pesticides and its effects on our bodies, I started to eat organically. I tried to have a “rainbow of foods” everyday and to limit the processed foods I ate.  Again, I thought I was taking great care of myself and doing the best I could, and AGAIN, I was wrong.

I saw a short video about cosmetics and household products.  The video explained not only the effects of the toxic chemicals found in our everyday cosmetics and cleaning products, but also about the after effects of these toxins when washed down the drains.  I was shocked to learn that I had been slowly poisoning myself, the environment and everyone else because of these chemicals I used everyday!  It was quite a wake up call.

I went to my bathroom and started investigating.  I read the label of every product I had.  Woah! Not only could I hardly read the majority of ingredients on the labels, but when I looked up the ingredients, the negative health effects associated with them were overwhelming.  I really was poisoning myself over and over every day.  I ended up throwing every single product I had in the trash.  I had been wasting all this money on heavily advertised personal “care” products that were just bottles of toxic crap.

*I found a wonderful site that rates cosmetic products based on their toxicity levels. I highly recommend checking this site out and looking up all of your products.  They have almost everything listed!  http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

I kept researching…I thought maybe I could use baby products instead, they must be safe.  WRONG! The baby products had some of the worst toxin ratings out there.

Around the same time I was invited to a “party” that turned out to be a “natural” product party.  I was very interested in the products and went home ready to do my research on the company.  Maybe I had finally found a product I felt comfortable using on myself, my family and to recommend to people.

Sadly, after my research I found the product was just another company involved in “greenwashing”.  If you don’t already know, “Greenwashing” is when green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s aims and policies are environmentally friendly.  The company claimed to be natural, but really was not.  Don’t get me wrong, they were significantly better and healthier than most of the mainstream commercial products I had been using, but I needed more.  I wanted to be 100% sure that what my skin was eating was actually good for me.

Again…I did more research…I came across a company that fit exactly what I was looking for.  Their products were certified organic, to food quality standards…I could eat them if I wanted!  And not only that, their business practices were enviromentally friendly and promoted sustainability.  Everything from supporting local farmers, planting trees to offset their carbon footprint, to wind powered production plants, this company was switched on as far as I was concerned.

I signed up as a representative to take advantage of the amazing product discounts and after using the products for a few months, I was confident I had found what I was looking for and a company I could honestly support.

So here I am, helping people get the information they need, the information companies want to keep hidden from us and to share my discoveries with the world.  I hope this site gives you organic inspiration and helps you to be the purest and best version of you so together we can be the purest and best us, and maybe change the world, or at least our health!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.

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